Vata Dosha

Vata is a combination of Air and Ether. It is responsible for all movements of the body, mind, and senses and the process of elimination. The unique characteristic of Vata is dryness. Whenever there is a lot of dryness in the body, Vata energy is high. 

Vata personalities are energetic, passionate, joyful, friendly, open-minded, free in spirit, embrace change and learn easily, are clear and alert. 

When Vata is high and out of balance, the mind becomes restless, sleep is disturbed, prone to constipation, may become jealous, fearful and ungrateful. 
Skin & hair related concerns with Vata Dosha: 
- Thin & fine pored skin, sometimes dry in patches 
- Dry skin & dry hairDry lips, prone to cracking 
- Thin and/or fine eyebrows 
- Hair tangles easily, prone to be dull with split ends 
- Dry & oily areas on scalp, dandruff 
- Other conditions may include psoriasis, dry eczema, corns, cracks 

Taking care for Vata Dosha: 

- Have frequent meals of quality food. 
- Use mild spices and a little salt. 
- To balance vata, take proportionately more of the foods that are: sweet, heavy, sour, salty, oily, and warm. 
- Foods that unbalance vata are: pungent, bitter, astringent, light, dry and cold. Take less of these. 
- Take calcium rich diet for strong bones and strong hair. 
- Include green leafy vegetables, cabbage, soy, lady finger, beans, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, garlic & basil in your diet. 

- Avoid heavy exercises as that will further increase Vata Dosha. 
- Forms of exercise that do not put alot of pressure on the joints are best as vata people tend to have joint problems. 
- Drink water before, during and after exercising. And have a high nutrient snack afterwords. 

- Vata personalities like speed, which is not always advisable. Practise slowness. 
- Practise Pranayama and slow walking. 
- Do not rush your decisions, think them thoroughly. 
- Wear more pastels colours and light reds, oranges, yellow or white. 

- Warm, moist climates are best for you. 
- Cold, dry, or windy weather will increase Vata. 

Skin & Hair Care: 
- Take hot water baths. 
- Do regular hair oil application. 
- Have full body oil massage & steam therapy at-least once a week. 
- Keep skin well moisturised for good glow. 

Note: Your Prakruti (dosha type), can only be accurately worked out by an Ayurvedic doctor who will expertly assess everything about you, including your Vikriti (any current imbalances).
If your Vata is highest, followed by Pitta

- Care for Pitta when the skin is oilier, warmer or inflammed 
- Care for Vata when the skin is drier, colder or paler
If your Vata is highest, followed by Kapha

- Care of Kapha when the skin is oilier, whiter or more puffy 
- Care of Vata when the skin is drier or paler
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