Pitta Dosha

Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water. It is responsible for heat, metabolism, and energy production and digestive functions of the body. The unique characteristic of Pitta is heat. Whenever there is excess heat in the body, Pitta energy is high. 

Pitta personalities are perfectionists, intelligent, ambitious, well organised & determined, have strong digestion, are athletic, have glowing skin. 

When Pitta is high and out of balance, one tends to get angry, irritated, becomes overly critical, stubborn and self-centered. 
Skin & hair related concerns with Pitta Dosha: 
- Delicate skin, prone to premature wrinkles 
- Oily “T” zoneInflammation & itchiness 
- Lips prone to cold sores 
- Skin problems may include rashes, acne, blackheads and/or whiteheads 
- Dry and oily areas on the skin 
- Hair gets oily quickly, especially in hot weather 
- Hair prone to premature greying and/or premature baldness

Taking care of Pitta Dosha: 

- Eat main or heavy meals at midday. 
- Avoid late night eating. 
- Avoid caffeine, red meat, too salty, greasy, overly cooked or heavily spiced food. 
- To balance Pitta, take proportionately more of the foods that are: sweet, bitter, cooling, heavy and dry. 
- Foods that unbalance Pitta are: pungent, hot, sour, light, salty and oily. Take less of these. 
- Have fresh fruits or vegetables as snacks. 

- Do moderate amount of exercise. 
- Team sports and adventure sports are good options for Pitta personalities. 
- A short sauna and a quick cold shower after exercise will make you feel great. 
- Remember not to get overly competitive and aggressive. 

- Always carry a bottle of water with you. 
- Practise Yoga and Pranayama for at least 15 minutes a day, to control your anger. 
- Be more listening and less argumentative. 
- Wear more white, blue and green colours. 

- Cold, dry, humid, rainy or snowy weather will decrease Pitta. 
- Hot, sunny weather will increase Pitta. 

Skin & hair care: 
- Take cold showers. 
- Wear a cap or use an umbrella whenever going under hot sun. 
- Apply cooling facial moisturisers made with rose water or manjistha. 
- Apply cooling face pack, especially on your “T” zone. 
- Use herbal hair powders to prevent premature greying of hair. 

Note: Your Prakruti (dosha type), can only be accurately worked out by an Ayurvedic doctor who will expertly assess everything about you, including your Vikriti (any current imbalances).
If your Pitta is highest, followed by Vata

- Care for Vata when the skin is drier, colder or more rough and hair is drier and coarser 
- Care for Pitta when the skin is oilier, warmer or inflamed
If your Pitta is highest, followed by Kapha

- Care for Kapha when skin is oilier, cooler, whiter and less moist 
- Care for Pitta when skin is warmer, more moist, sensitive and inflamed
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